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Clarinet   Model Item Specification
CL-350 Clarinet (Bb)  
CL-440 Clarinet (Bb) two barrels (66mm & 67mm)
CL-750 Clarinet (Bb) all hand-made ,ebony body
CL-600ES Eb Clarinet (Eb)  
CLB-1800 Bass Clarinet (Bb)  


Clarinet CL-350

Good for play outdoor.
Easy to play & Bright sound.


Tuning = Bb
w/ nickel plated key
Body = ABS Resin
w/ ABS hard case
Ebonite body
ABS Body


Clarinet CL-440

Good for play classical music.
Come with two barrels.

Tuning = Bb
w/ nickel plated key
Body = ABS resin
two barrels (66mm & 67mm)
w/ semi-hard case

Needle springs   Two barrels
Needle springs Two barrels

Hand-made Clarinet

Hand-made Clarinet  CL-750

Ebony body, All hand-made Clarinet

Tuning = Bb
w/ Silver plated key
Ebony body
Mat finished
w/ wooden case

Ebony body   Deluxe wooden case
Ebony body Deluxe wooden case


Tuning = Eb
w/nickel plated key
Composition wood body ( Ebony + ABS)
Mat finished
w/two barrels
Movable thumb rest
w/ semi-hard case

Bass Clarinet

Bass Clarinet  CLB-1800

Tuning = Bb
w/nickel plated key
ABS body, mat finish
w/ Low Eb key , Bb-mechanism
w/ semi-hard case