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Model FG-500
Tuning Bb
1st tube Red brass
Bell Yellow brass, 152mm
Finish Clear lacquer
Mouthpipe Yellow brass
Bore size 11.00mm
Piston Stainless steel
  w/ 3rd trigger
Outer dimensions 42cm x 25cm x 15cm
Weight 1,250g
Case outer size 48cm x 25cm x 15cm
Accessories Carrying case, mouthpiece

Bottom-sprung piston and Red brass 1st tube allows Mellow sound.
clear lacquer
Clear lacquer finish. Quick response and clear sound.
Lead pipe
Lead pipe
Nickel silver mouthpiece receiver and adjustable mouth pipe.
Tuning slides
Tuning slides
Outer tube of tuning slide is made of durable nickel silver, and the 3rd trigger provides quick ajust in tuning.
1st tube
1st tube
Gentle curved 1st tube made of Red brass provides Mellow sound, and it has a mount stay for lyre (score holder). * Lyre is not included in a set.
Easy to monitor own sound even for beginner - Non-wire bead bell made of Yellow brass.
Durable stainless steel piston with light weight piston button and stainless spring provides quick and stable piston action.
Semi-hard case
Semi-hard case
Canvas covered light weight styloform case comes with a shoulder strap.

Differnce between Bottom-sprung piston and Top-sprung piston

  • Bottom sprung piston
    The height of valve casing is shorter than Trumpet's becasue of the bottom-sprung. Due to this, the curve of 1st tube becomes gentle and it allows mellow sound, just like the Flugelhorn.

  • Top sprung piston
    Piston and valve casing are same design as Trumpet. Curve of 1st tube must be sharper therefore the sound is closer to Trumpet as well.