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Model FL-380SE
Tuning C
System Offset covered keys, E-mechanism
Material Nickel silver
Finish Silver plated
Outer dimensions 67cm x 4.5cm x 3.5cm
Weight 410g
Wooden case outer size 39cm x 9cm x 5cm
Accessories Carrying case, cleaning rod

Silver plated Nickel silver flute. Bright sound and easy to produce the sound for beginners. E-mechanism makes clearer and easier in tune high E tone.
Nickel silver body and keys - Quick response and brilliant sound.
offset covered keys
The ring finger of the left hand goes on the G key of the flute. Because this finger is shorter than the middle finger it is more comfortable, and ergonomic, for this key to be offset (brought closer), means it's easier to reach than inline keys (all in a straight line). The offset G is a standard feature on coverd (closed-hole) student flutes, making it an easier reach for young students with small hands. 
Nickel silver head-joint with slightly bigger sized lip-plate - Easy to produce the sound for beginners
Stainless springs
Stainless springs
Comfortable touch and response feeling - stainless springs
The third octave E is unstable point for the Flute therefore it's difficult to produce clean tone for students. Split E mechanism increases the stability of the flutes third register E. It also improves intonation and just generally makes the note easier to produce.
wooden hard case
Wooden hard case / for FL-380SE(W)
Leather coverd wooden hard case. Case cover with shouler strap is available in option.
semi-hard case
Semi-hard case / for FL-380SE(S)
Light weight semi-hard case comes with a shoulder strap.