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The story of J.Michael

John Newman who was our distributor in U.K., once told a story from his home town village of Rotherfield, East Sussex.
There once was a beautiful blond haired little boy called James Michael. But he was known by all the village people as J.Michael because his father was also called James and this avoided confusion.
The little boy J.Michael was very musical and he had an angelic voice, he sang in the choir of ancient church of St. Danys. One day the Bishop was visiting the church and heard the little J.Michael sing, he was so impressed he asked him to become a music scholar in his Cathedral. Little J.Michael was so sad to leave his family and friends as he had to go away for 5 years but he could not turn down this wonderful opportunity.

When J.Michael returned to his village at the end of his time at the Cathedral he had become a most talented musician, he was the best horn player for miles around and people came from all over the country to hear him play. The boy was so pleased to be home he said he would never leave the village again and dedicated his life to teaching all the village children the musical skills he had learnt.